New Wine - Elsa Cronje journal

New Wine – Prophetic Journal

The New Wine journal is not only a beautiful coffee table book. Exuberant messages are written as letters to a daughter; it grasps your attention and brings hope. Elsa Cronje, a registered and qualified transformation coach, brings the reader in close contact with not only the Holy Spirit but with God and his love for us.
Are you willing to drink the cup destined for you? - Take a Leap Coaching

Are you willing to drink the cup destined for you?

Abba asked me if I am willing to be a Job or not. Will I be okay to experience the turmoil Job experienced? Am I willing to be refined by fire some more? I answered with a soft-fear-of-the-Lord "yes", though I know being refined is tough, challenging and sometimes painful.
There is no Limit - Take a leap Coaching devotional

There is no Limit

I never realised the precious and valuable lessons it holds until the Holy Spirit instructed me to instruct one of my coaching clients to watch it. Because I am so curious by nature, I ended up watching Kungfu Panda again to see how the Holy Spirit is going to serve this client through this movie.
Remove the Fig Leaves - Say goodbye to shame

Remove the Fig Leaves

I am of the opinion that the first negative emotion felt in the Bible was shame – when Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves as they were ashamed of their nakedness. Interesting what the fruit of shame (for them) was to run away, hide, and solve things by themselves.
True Love - Take a Leap Coaching

True Love

Our unconscious minds (in its desperation to help us recover from attachment wounds) adapt to certain connection strategies. Thus, we have a "comfortable" way we connect with others and we feel safe and in control. The interesting thing about praying and asking Abba Father to experience more...
Rejected or Set Apart.

Rejected or Set Apart?

Rejected or Set Apart? Elsa Cronje, Transformation Coach from Take A Leap Coaching, shares how our definitions lead to rejection. Rejection is one of the most common things that Yahweh’s children need to overcome.
Defeat that Feeling New Journey Starts 17 June 2020

A Journey of Inner Healing

Being a victim of toxic shame for 34 years is not a joke and certainly not a walk in the park either. It is after a yearlong personal overcoming journey with the Holy Spirit that I am free from shame. Was it easy? Was it fun? Certainly not, it was one of the most difficult and challenging things
Process Trauma - Take a Leap Coaching

Process Trauma

Process Trauma. I would like to share a traumatic event with you today, that CHANGED and saved my life. By sharing this, please, please, please keep in mind that the sole purpose of this story is to point out how Abba Father uses ALL life events to help us identify and remove unwanted patterns.
Lockdown - Christian Entrepreneurs

Lockdown & Christian Entrepreneurs

I would like to share this with you to encourage you and bring clarity while you are inside this cocoon. Why a cocoon? You are currently forced to change your thinking, behaviour, daily life and most of the things in your life because of this lockdown. Just like a caterpillar being inside that cocoon...
Exit the Triangle part 4

Exit the Triangle – Part 4

When I started writing this triangle series, I dreaded the persecutor because it is one of the roles I have been confronted with my whole life. Amazing how our unconscious minds remember trauma and when we are confronted with “similar” circumstances...
Exit the Triangle Part 3

Exit the Triangle – Part 3

Let’s be honest, everyone experienced trauma in their lives. Every single person responds to trauma differently. It is also impossible to label trauma because it will be different for each individual. You might experience something as traumatic when ...
Exit the Triangle part 2

Exit the Triangle – Part 2

So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27 — The Amplified Bible) Welcome to part two positions. The driver behind the victim position is: