Defeat That Feeling – A 40 Day Overcoming Journey by Take a Leap Coaching:

Do you sometimes put fear, guilt and worthlessness in charge of who you are?

Have you ever felt frustrated, hopeless, unworthy, rejected, disappointed, sad, anxious, angry and powerless all at the same time?

A dark-lost destructive feeling that makes you want to run away, hide your face, give-up or lock yourself in a room. Believe it or not, I know exactly what you are talking about and how it feels. I’ve struggled with this feeling for 30 years. Thanks be to our Loving Living Father God that made it possible for me to defeat that feeling and write this journey so you can defeat it too.

Today is the day that you can DEFEAT THAT FEELING with Take a Leap Coaching’s 40 Day overcoming journey.

This journey is not for cowards. You must be in a frame of mind where you are ready to heal, to move on, to let go and to LIVE your life FULLY, as Abba Father, planned for you. Remember, it is easy to stay a victim, blame others and hope that things will change, do nothing and wait for it to happen. I learned the hard way that things actually never change until we choose to change, take action and let go of our pain.

So, what is it going to be? Survival or thriving? Which one do you feel you are made for?

What is ‘Defeat That Feeling – A 40 Day Overcoming Journey?

An interactive process on a private orientated platform that consists of various quests, videos, audios, content and images that stimulate mind renewal, healing and transformation. It’s an 8-week journey that confronts and removes false beliefs, negative emotions and principalities that we have consciously or unconsciously committed ourselves to while it brings healing through giving the Holy Spirit a ‘platform’ to do what He sees fit. Commencing in this journey will result in Elsa Cronje only being the facilitator while the Holy Spirit will do the counselling, transforming and restoring.

Why commence in ‘Defeat That Feeling – A 40 Day Overcoming Journey?

This 8-week journey is the KEY to unlock your potential by overcoming the patterns holding you captive that cause you to re-experience trauma, feeling defeated and depressed. The time of needing to quit on yourself, always feeling betrayed, worthless, deprived or not good enough and fearing rejection is now OVER! This journey helps you heal, grow, change and renew yourself. It removes the repetitive toxic beliefs and thinking patterns that formed as a result of the trauma.

It is time to be the conqueror through Jesus Christ our Saviour and take our thoughts captive, look away from everything that distracts and be done with being enslaved.
Yes, this journey enables you to start living abundantly as a child of Yahweh, the living God, to see yourself as worthy, feel like and live like a new creation – Yeshua’s precious beloved!

The science behind Defeat that Feeling Course

The science behind ‘Defeat That Feeling’:

Elsa Cronje was called to coaching in 2012 with 1 Timothy 4:12-16, but only fully realised it and started in 2014. It was her dream to have an unique technique given by the Holy Spirit since she started practising. In 2016 Elsa Cronje had a client that she could not help. She used all her techniques and out of her desperation to help this person not wanting them to live their life in such pain, she prayed to Abba Father to show her how to help.

Elsa amazingly received step 1 to 10 and while obeying the Holy Spirit specifically she saw how the client’s bondages fell off and became free. After this amazing transformation took place with 4 other clients after that, Elsa decided to write down the principles behind the process seeing that the process is unique to each client. The process is called The Stronghold ( ), if you would like to read up more.

The principle behind the Stronghold was used to create this journey. After Elsa had to defeat her own feeling, she was able to write this journey while strictly following the Holy Spirit’s direction, knowledge, wisdom and insight. Making sure that the root issue is found while the various thought patterns and beliefs connected to the root issue is removed, is one of the most important factors. The patterns are destroyed by activating free will, participating in kinaesthetic quests that aligns your mind, body and spirit with the Holy Spirit.

The principle works because the mind is activated, guided and stimulated while the body is physically performing tasks that build new cell memory and your spirit is connected to Ruach, the Holy Spirit. Yeshua, Jesus our King, already paid for our healing and through this practical journey, we simply invite Him to finish the work He started in us. For healing to have an everlasting effect, it is important to tap into and connect all aspects of your being which is exactly what Defeat That Feeling is built upon.

What can you expect in this 40 Day overcoming journey?

– Have Elsa Cronje follow your journey and provide personal feedback throughout the journey
– Being challenged to change your thinking, beliefs and perceptions
– Jumping into action and overcoming emotional baggage
– Learn to process emotions, change beliefs and live in the present
– Deal with root issues
– Heal from trauma
– Uncover the destruction your own mind creates in your life and ‘rewire’ your thinking patterns to align with your potential
– Think out of the box and find the confidence to be who you were created to be
– Throw-off the chains or bondage holding you captive and be free
– Receive guidance during the overcoming process on an interacting basis with Elsa Cronje and other members of the community.
– Admit, acknowledge and take responsibility for your life on all levels
– Activate self-control
– Be Free
– Feel like a new creation in Jesus Christ
– Renew your mind
– Spend 30 minutes to two hours daily on rewiring yourself
– Watch videos on various topics, read quotes and participate in quests on the platform and on WhatsApp.

What does Elsa Cronje guarantee in this 40 Day Overcoming Journey:

Only 10 women and men are allowed per 40 Day Overcoming Journey. The reason for this is that Elsa Cronje will personally go through this journey with you, being a witness to your transformation as well as assist in the process through feedback, encouragement and keeping in touch via WhatsApp. 20 Overcomers is, therefore, her maximum capacity at this point.
If you participate FULLY in every activity and make the material your own, we guarantee that you will;
– Be an overcomer
– Understand different aspects of yourself
– Take hold of your healing and the promises Jesus Christ has paid for a very long time ago.
– See results in your thought life, emotions and behaviour.
– Gain confidence, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and even self-appreciation
– Increase the perception of your self-value
– Implement healthy boundaries in every aspect of your life
– Be able to process emotions and change beliefs holding you back
– Defeat that destructive feeling
– Discipline your mind
– Take thoughts captive
– Value yourself

Am I a candidate for the overcoming journey?

If you;
– Are or have been in abusive relationships
– Were or are being sexually molested or abused
– Are struggling to shake off other people’s opinions, fear rejection or always feel inferior.
– Feel numb and captivated with a lack of direction
– Feel you need to save other people
– Find your enthusiasm, energy or zeal for life stolen
– Chose to live your life to honour Abba Father, but still, find yourself constantly feeling    guilty
– Are divorced or are going through a divorce or went through a divorce as a child
– Experience a lack of Abba Father’s promises
– Are or were caught up in substance abuse
– Find yourself being Indecisive and constantly doubt yourself
– Are disappointed in yourself, condemning yourself or questioning yourself
– Are calculating your behaviour, emotions or thoughts as to make sure you do the right    thing
– Are a slave to masturbation or porn
– Cut yourself to help deal with the pain
– Feel there is no way out, plan your death or think about it
– Struggle with depression or constantly feel depressed
– Feel stuck, demotivated, powerless or hopeless

And if you are ready to;
• Take responsibility for your own life
• Finally, live a fulfilled life
• Do everything you need to do to heal, transform and be free.
Then this journey is for you!

What some of the clients – that experienced the journey, had to say!

How can i participate in this journey

Step 1: Choose to do this journey with Elsa Cronje individually or within a group setting.
Step 2: Complete the registration form for Defeat That Feeling
Step 3: Receive payment instructions
Step 4: Purchase entry into the Defeat That Feeling Journey
Step 5: You will be invited and accepted into the Journey
Step 6: Enjoy, learn, heal and transform!

PLEASE, contact Elsa Cronje (0825401673) if you do not hear anything back within two working days. You are very important to us and we prefer to not keep you waiting.

The Next Group Journey starts 2 December 2020. To participate in this journey book now to avoid disappointment.

Normal Price R 3000,
Current Price untill 40 participants are TRANSFORMED: R 1500

Grap your Defeat that feeling today!

Enjoy the blog about this journey: Below!

Defeat that Feeling New Journey Starts 17 June 2020

A Journey of Inner Healing

Being a victim of toxic shame for 34 years is not a joke and certainly not a walk in the park either. It is after a yearlong personal overcoming journey with the Holy Spirit that I am free from shame. Was it easy? Was it fun? Certainly not, it was one of the most difficult and challenging things
Why is shame classified as rebellion?

Why is shame classified as rebellion?

We can demolish every deceptive fantasy[e] that opposes God and break through every arrogant attitude that is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God. We capture, like prisoners of war, every thought[f] and insist that it bow in obedience to the Anointed One
Why doesn't God save me from shame?

Why doesn't God save me from shame?

Have you ever asked the question; Why doesn’t God save me from depression, rejection, fear, anger, jealousy, trauma, anxiety? When I experienced shame in a 100% intensity, being suicidal and in complete agony. I prayed and asked Abba Father to relieve me from this agony and just take away these emotions.
Defeat that Feeling-What is shame

What is Shame?

A structure / stronghold in your mind holding your potential captive. The structure is multiple false beliefs, glued with thinking patterns and fuelled by emotions that are activated on a daily basis. This structure destroys, destructs and kills us slowly because it is in rebellion against our Father God.