There is no Limit

Have you watched the movie Kungfu Panda?

There is no Limit - Take a leap Coaching devotional

I never realised the precious and valuable lessons it holds until the Holy Spirit instructed me to instruct one of my coaching clients to watch it. Because I am so curious by nature, I ended up watching Kungfu Panda again to see how the Holy Spirit is going to serve this client through this movie. Wow, what a blessing.

There are so many elements we daily face displayed in this movie:

1. Illusion of control ending up limiting us and Abba Father
2. Distractions from the present
3. Emotions that we need to embrace and allow
4. We need to BE ourselves more
5. The focus on relationship rather than religion
6. The balancing act of collaborating with the Father in accomplishing what He wants through our lives.

If you have the time, and these 6 statements speak to you, I would like to encourage you to watch Kungfu Panda and see what the Holy Spirit teaches you through this movie. Oh, and yes, I am well aware that we might feel that God would not use a movie promoting a different religion to teach us something, but today I would like to challenge that belief. Do all things not belong to Him? Was Kungfu, therefore, not owned by Abba Father first? The enemy can only copy and cannot create!

There are actually zero limits to what Abba Father can do and use in our lives. I want to point out just how we limit Him within the walls of our own minds.