What Prevents You Fom Receiving?

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After receiving the Wednesday Whispers message of last week, Ask and you shall receive https://fb.watch/dv2WTgahRz/, I discovered how I don’t RECEIVE everything I ask for. I praise Abba for bringing this to my attention, helping me to solve it and share it with you, because it just proves how much He truly cares about us.

How did it happen?

My weekend plans, which I have looked forward to for two weeks, were cancelled. I was beyond disappointed, and I felt a wave of depression pressing on me.

Thursday night, before going to bed, I asked that Abba turn things around for me so I can have a wonderful weekend despite my emotions.

Abba gave me two dreams that night. The first one confirmed the spiritual desires I have that are not wordable. (Here’s a new word … I mean, I cannot put what I desire in my spirit into words, though I know it was confirmed in the first dream.) The first dream also called into remembrance a religious encounter I had many years ago.

The second dream displayed how far my husband and I have come in our journey as well as how much healing has taken place within me.

Friday morning, I celebrated my dreams as well as started to investigate that religious encounter. I did not feel better, but I had hope that Abba had started something worthwhile.

Then, Abba brought to my attention all the physical things I have experienced in my life the last month:

  • My shoes broke, like ALL of them until I only had tekkies
  • My mother-in-law bought me new shoes as a gift, which I accepted with difficulty.
  • My son has been very clingy and emotional, which left me feeling drained.
  • My fingers got hurt to the point where I asked Abba why He is scolding me – like the Afrikaans saying, tik my oor die vingers.
  • My disappointment on Mother’s Day.
  • Feeling guilty for needing new clothes.
  • Not being able to express what it is that I really want in core areas of my life because I feel I’m not allowed to.

After looking intensely at the two dreams, the religious encounter, and the physical things, I knew something is hindering me from RECEIVING, but what?

Abba knows who needs to help us and He sent me to a dear friend of mine who helped unravel this whole mystery. She is also the cherry-on-top-cream-of-the-crop in The Art of Being His Poetry https://www.takealeapcoaching.co.za/being-his-poetry/, a 15-day journey addressing your attachment wound and connection style.

Yes, sometimes we need someone to witness our journey, help us through it or open our healing so our own minds cannot deny the truth.

In sharing everything with her, Abba pointed out that I feel unworthy to receive. What? Even when I have come this far? Yes …

I started to ask why is this? The first thing that popped up was the religious encounter. So, let me share it with you.

I went to a lady to pray for me many years ago and she saw things that lead me to accept that I am unworthy of His duty. What??? How sad, right? I KNOW differently with my conscious mind, but this is the vow I made that day – without realising it.

Religion is REALLY something we need to ROAR away. That is truly the lion lurking around looking for someone to devour. It steals, kills, and destroys. I mean, I chose to believe I’m unworthy, I chose to believe a person’s experience ABOVE what Abba placed in my being. How often do we do this? This is a fruit of religion. Religion puts a lens over our eyes and makes us see everything in either black or white.

The next thing Abba revealed is a spirit I allowed into my life called the Spirit of Defeat. It works along with rejection, disappointment and feeling like things are unfair, often linked to having a victim mentality. He revealed that I chose to pair up with this spirit before birth. And when I looked back on my life, I could see how it ALWAYS had me feel I’ve failed even BEFORE I started.

When I asked for more evidence of this spirit, Abba showed how the Spirit of Defeat continued playing its part in my life as a toddler where tantrums were seen as something to be punished. Interesting how Abba taught me through a glimpse of a video on Facebook this month, talking about hugging your child when having a meltdown. Wow, it hit me; what is a tantrum really?

It demonstrates the feeling of a choice that was violated. Think about it. How do you feel when your choices are violated?

So, if I am allowed to choose, but I’m punished for my choice or denied, then I develop trust and control issues, which are natural results of the unconscious mind. So, I started to hug my son, comforting him when he is throwing his tantrum and the result was mind-blowing. He cried some more and then decided to do something different. It was wonderful to see how quickly he was able to recover.

I concluded: If we experience a violation of our choice and are embraced when we express our disappointment, we learn to accept the no’s, knowing they are for our own good while we wait for a different yes in safety and love. Wow!

Abba’s compassion by first showing me the cure (being cherished and embraced during disappointment) BEFORE revealing the root of it all is such a demonstration of His love.

I asked Abba how to fix my unworthiness to receive and as always, with all my sessions with clients and myself, He led the way.

With my friend on the phone, we visualised my mother being pregnant with me and deposited what Abba commanded – ZERO judgement. Just a tiding that the old must go so the new can come. His love is UNFATHOMABLE!

The unconscious mind does not differentiate time, so when you deposit something in your past, it makes changes to your soul in the present and future. Praise Abba Father for that! The blood of the Lamb makes these things simple and possible.

After completing our phone session, I felt revived, renewed, rejuvenated, and ready.
Abba sent three blessings my way, including a poem I wrote three years ago, during the weekend. The words were able to penetrate my soul much deeper than ever before and it was like I KNOW they are true. I don’t just choose to believe it, I KNOW!

Why am I sharing this?

I feel called to. Abba wants us to receive what we ask. He wants us to FEEL and EXPERIENCE abiding in Him.

Having a spirit of defeat lurking in your life is no joke. I unconsciously turned away blessings thinking they belong to someone else. I did not ASK for what I really wanted, because I unconsciously felt guilty for wanting it.

I received only half of what I asked from Abba, and He felt that deserved to be investigated. I was unaware that I felt unworthy to receive and He wanted me to fix it. Praise Abba – all glory to Him!

Something else that happens when we don’t receive what we ask or we don’t SEE Abba physically at work in our lives, we tend to unconsciously question His Word, His being, and His intentions. This leads to knocking on religion’s door trying to stick to some formula. Then, after being weary to find no release, we choose to accept that we are unworthy or have a problem, or we choose to believe it is not His Will to receive.

Do you see this cycle?

I want to offer you an opportunity to work with me in finding what is holding your mind captive that prevents you from RECEIVING – if you are led to through this testimony. Sessions done in person or online all have the same glory-filled results because the MAIN ingredient is the Holy Spirit. I am confident that He will make a way for you to be FREE and FEEL loved NO MATTER WHAT.

If this testimonial spoke to you, please share it, and ask Abba whether you need to book a session with me or do one of the online journeys Abba wrote through me. He is the Author and Finisher of all our lives, and HE KNOWS BEST.

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