The Art of Being His Poetry is a 15 Day prophetic journey created to assist you in discovering your attachment wound, the thinking patterns surrounding it and prophetically healing it to ignite Abba’s COMPLETE healing process for YOU.  

Seeing that when patterns surrounding trauma are unmasked, true healing can take place in our souls. This journey starts in the physical and guides your unconscious mind to its deepest wound and reasoning surrounding it.

What is the attachment wound?

The attachment wound is a wound like rejection, abandonment, or shame, but it is actually the first wound we endure. It is a wound that keeps on being injured as we go through life because it repeats until we remove those thinking patterns creating the same style scenarios that bring about the same pain.

Out of the attachment wound all other wounds are created. Why? Because the attachment wound occurs when we are not nourished, loved, appreciated, or valued like we were created to. This is inevitable seeing that it is impossible for any human to love, nourish and appreciate someone else like they fully need – only Abba can do that.  No parent can fulfill this need either.

Our attachment wounds need a certain ointment / oil / healing that only Abba can give and through the ‘Art of Being His Poetry’, the process reaches that deep little spot.

What does it mean to be Abba’s poetry?

This is something we will discover during the journey together, but in a nutshell, this is what it means to me:

To remove everything and anything that hinders the UNIQUE version of Abba on the inside of you to SHINE. This means to be present, awake, aware, and live in each moment with the Holy Spirit, moving as HE leads you. IT also means that you have to accept EVERYTHING about yourself while ONLY believing what Abba says about you.

Yes, it sounds easy but it is quite tricky. It is during difficult challenging times we discover those hindrances.

Living JESUS is being His poetry.  

Accept the uniqueness of Abba’s version on the inside of you while healing your attachment wound.

What does the Art of Being His Poetry focus on?

  • Discovering how you perceive love and, therefore, reveal how you unconsciously reject it
  • How you experience love from others leading to understand how it influences how you experience Abba Father
  • Uncovering the patterns creating your connection style
  • Revealing your love definition that forms the base of your beliefs when relating to yourself, others, and Abba Father
  • Prophetically healing your attachment wound and receiving tools to ‘walk’ in this healing.

What results can you expect after completing the Art of Being His Poetry?

  • Be awake and aware to undergo a process of removing the attachment style from your unconscious mind
  • Identify the lies surrounding your connection with yourself, people, and others that enable you to start attaching differently
  • Form healthier relationships
  • Cancel co-dependency, stop rejecting love, and allow yourself to exercise your free will to choose
  • Allow yourself to be who Abba created you to be
  • Give yourself permission to be loved by Abba Father FULLY as well as those around you

The first journey will start in March 2022. There will be limited attendees – thus making sure to book your ‘spot’.

Estimated Cost: R 5000 that includes;

  • Colour printed manual
  • Prophetic gifts
  • Courier cost of manual and gifts
  • Interaction with Elsa Cronje via WhatsApp during the journey
  • Having Elsa help you identify your attachment wound and pattern surrounding it
  • 9 hours worth of transformation coaching
  • An opportunity to face your attachment wound and choose to heal it

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