Process Emotions

What is your definition of emotions?
How aware are you about what you feel?

Let me tell you a little secret … We all make decisions out of emotions. Yes, even those people who claim they do not have emotions make decisions out of the fear of having emotions or resistance of emotions.

Emotions are a huge part of our journey and life on earth. It is essential to our ability to live life fully. I am of the professional opinion that the important role emotions play in our lives has been overlooked and ignored for centuries. Our unconscious minds cannot allow us to feel love or any positive emotion fully if we suppress other emotions. Feeling emotions are what make us human, make us different and make it possible to connect with others.

Most of our worldly systems are driven by fear and most marketing tactics are focused on the desire to improve your self-worth. When you are unaware of your emotions, you are led around by your emotions like a bull with a ring in its nose. That is the power society, the world and people can have over your life.

Often emotions are made out to be something to be ashamed of, and people that are expressing emotions are considered being over-emotional. In actual fact, being able to feel emotions and expressing them shows a high level of emotional intelligence that only has a positive effect on our body, soul, and spirit.

Why am I writing this?

It is time to take responsibility for your mind, your life, your body, and your spirit. What do I mean when I say this? Everything that governs you that is not from Abba Father needs to go. We have been slaves to “lack-of-knowledge” for too long. As children of Abba Father, we need to understand that He does not only work with our spirits, but also with us a whole human being.

Why would He create us with a mind, if it is only evil and not considered as part of who He created you to be? That does not make sense. He created your mind with every single part of it; yes, including being sensitive, deep, different, and feeling emotions.

Start to accept that emotions are part of who you are, and it is okay to feel them. Yes, even the emotions that do not feel good.

What are the benefits of being aware of your emotions?

• Understanding yourself and your approach to life
• Being open to receiving warnings from the Holy Spirit through emotions
• Knowing when to implement boundaries or when boundaries were violated
• Having courage to allow yourself to be who you are
• Discerning whether an emotion is fleshly or spiritual
• Having the ability to process trauma and emotions to transform into the new creation Jesus paid for
• Experiencing our Father’s love in your body, soul as well as spirit

Being aware of your emotions will allow your mind to start feeling emotions to a greater extent, which will lead your unconscious mind to start releasing suppressed emotions. This is an overwhelming process and can be confusing as well as uncomfortable.

That is why, through the Holy Spirit, I wrote a 21-day Process Emotions WhatsApp Programme to help you become aware of your emotions as well as process them.

What is the 21-day Process Emotions WhatsApp Programme?

A programme to highlight and enhance self-awareness, renew your mind, and learn how to practically process your emotions.

Why is it important to process your emotions?

To live a WHOLE fulfilled life. Your unconscious mind will not and cannot allow you to feel LOVE fully while suppressing anger, sadness, or fear.

Here are a few clients that completed the programme’s experiences …


“This course has taught me that freedom in life starts by prioritising happiness. By doing that, I know that I have an obligation and responsibility to choose my reactions to situations in a way that it does not hinder my happiness. This course also taught me that life will always be unpredictable, and that is when I have to consciously choose the path to happiness (turning around bad emotions to good emotions), which will lead me to true freedom. This course has thought me how exactly to renew my mind daily. With my mind being renewed daily, I feel the weight of unresolved issues being lifted off as I am tackling bad emotions daily. I feel a sense of peace and absence of fear.” — Secunda




“Ek het tot die besef gekom dat emosies werklik jou ‘joy en purpose’ kan steel in die lewe waarin ons is. Daar was dae tydens die kursus waarop ek gedink het: “Ag nee, ek het geen swaar emosies nie, so hoe kan Elsa my help as ek nie iets ervaar nie?’ Glo my, ek was honger om te leer. Soos hulle sê: “Be careful wat jou wish for,’ want die dag het toe aangebreek waarop ek meer as een swaar emosie beleef het en WOW — Elsa het my so mooi daardeur gelei en ‘tools’ gegee om dit te verwerk.

Vandag sit ek met ‘n ‘smile’ op my gesig, want dit is absoluut ‘n daaglikse proses. Dit is belangrik dat jy wil groei en leer, anders gaan jy net almal se tyd mors. Die kursus het vir my oneindig gehelp en gaan selfs meer in die toekoms. Na soveel jare kon ek alle ‘soul ties’ verbreek het … Hoe ‘awesome’ is dit!” — Ceres


“This programme subtly and uniquely got to the core of my false beliefs without being intrusive. Everyday examples that were provided opened my mind. It really made me think about my emotions as a space that was created for me to process my deep-set beliefs; that it was one out of love and sacredness. I felt safe. Most importantly, for me, is that the course’s content was also just enough for me to process. No information overload, because it is not always fun to deal with the icky bits of deep-set emotions. Elsa keeps it light, informative and I had fun! I have definitely shifted in my space of emotion and thought. I am more perceptive to my familiar programming and I have the power within me to reprogram … How? Simplistically. The 21-day Process Emotions WhatsApp Programme has taught me that thoughts can be indeed changed; I do not have to be stuck. I can, but it will be through choice, and now I know that it is more beneficial to myself to think lighter — as God can facilitate easier through me, because I am becoming more like an open conduit for spirit to reign. I am becoming.” — Johannesburg

Kempton Park

I saw the 21 Days Process Emotions WhatsApp program but only felt the timing was right a few weeks later. I’ve attended different kinds of therapy and self-development programs, but what makes this so unique is that it’s 21 Days of dealing with emotions continually while having Elsa as a safe haven to guide, protect and explain why certain things are felt in a certain way.

It is absolutely AMAZING! Elsa’s observant, Holy Spirit lead input made the world of difference and pushed me through the areas I would have gotten stuck on my own.

This program meets you where you are and take you further on your path with practical tools and understanding yourself better. I recommend it for anyone that wishes to improve the way they process their emotions. – Kempton Park

How does the 21-day Process Emotions WhatsApp Programme work?

• You will receive an info piece every morning which you read through and participate in
• You will have an hour per day to ask questions, share your experience and answer the reflecting questions at the end of each day
• You will enjoy personal feedback and engagement with Transformation Coach, Elsa Cronje (worth R1 000 per hour)

How do I start with the 21-day Process Emotions WhatsApp Programme?

Step 1: WhatsApp Elsa Cronje on 082 540 1673 with the words: “I’m in for the 21-day Process Emotions WhatsApp Programme!”
Step 2: She will then reply with the terms and conditions. Read through the terms and conditions.
Step 3: Choose whether you want to complete the programme from a mind and Christian perspective, or solely from a mind perspective.
Step 4: Choose to complete the programme in Afrikaans or English.
Step 5: Pay R1 250 into Take a Leap Coaching’s bank account. (Provided in the terms and conditions.)
Step 6: Start the programme!

I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace. In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.” [My conquest is accomplished, My victory abiding.] (John 16:33 Amplified Bible)

Life on earth guarantees trauma and difficult circumstances, but how we choose to respond is in our hands. Processing emotions helps me to be confident, undaunted, and filled with joy!

Stop underestimating your free will and start becoming aware of what you feel, allow yourself to feel and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.

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