A Stronghold, in the negative sense, is a belief, (often various beliefs), which are connected and twisted together, causing negative emotions triggered by specific thinking patterns.

How does it work?
The Holy Spirit inspired procedure considers;
a.) The emotions, thinking patterns and beliefs that keeps the ‘program’ running
b.) The contracts signed with the enemy that allows him to claim
c.) The physical symptoms in the body

The procedure starts with a 2 hour consultation process to confirm whether the stronghold is the best service at the given time.

The package consists of 8 hours over a period of 2 days.
Day 1: All the beliefs, thinking patterns and contracts are identified
Day 2: The stronghold is removed and replaced with a Stronghold of God our Father. (Psalm 46:11)

Every stronghold is different and distinctive. The Holy Spirit provides an unique recipe for every client which Elsa only follows in obedience.

What do people say about Elsa ?


“Elsa is very intuitive and can easily see false, repetitive patterns of thinking that are keeping you stuck. Working with her on Strongholds was a great experience and I believe she is gifted with wisdom that can transform lives and ignite enthusiasm which lights the way.”


“I never knew that a thought or perception can control my whole being! After Elsa identified the stronghold and used the Holy Spirit given method to change this FOREVER my fears and anxiety has subsided. Even now, if I think back about this, I experience a deep, valued peace!”


“I am totally amazed at this process and what you have invested on my behalf. It is truly overwhelming. You are absolutely gifted at this and as I said, I feel touched by an angel, a miraculous process.”


“I experienced once again, how truly blessed I am and should be, to value my life and understand that to worry and be fearful is a waste of time since we cannot control what happens, therefore to rather ask for guidance and believe. I have learnt not to focus on what was taken away, but to find something to replace it, and be thankful.”

Why book a stronghold ?

If you are tired of experiencing the same results, severe emotions or patterns in your life, then this Holy Spirit therapy is for you.

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Renew Your Mind is designed and developed to refresh the mind with new ideals and new attitudes as prescribed in God’s Word.

15 Steps over 15 months:

Step 1:  Discover how your definitions keep you from having the things you want. 
Step 2:  Allow yourself to be you, in order to allow others to be themselves. 
Step 3:  Take charge of your thoughts. Thoughts create your reality.
Step 4:  Learn to walk on the ’cause’ side of your life. 
Step 5:  Change your perception to enhance the ability to create the life you want.
Step 6:  Discover how your emotions influence your experience.
Step 7:  Understand the connection between your emotions and what you allow into your life.
Step 8:  Feel the power of appreciation.
Step 9:  Learn to master the power of belief.
Step 10: Start creating the life you want deliberately.
Step 11: Change your mind, change your results.
Step 12: Change your focus from failure to feedback.
Step 13: What does your behaviour say about you?
Step 14: Embrace the Present.
Step 15: Understand behaviour.


“It provided me with tools for accessing a peaceful mind, by accessing I mean something that was already there but couldn’t be attained or thought it was not attainable.
By getting the peaceful mind, I then discovered who I am and how to accommodate others and accepting them for who they are without compromising who I am.
It helped me to get in touch with my spirituality, I now can understand God on another level. I now feel the true love of God that has Grace and no condemnation, and it helps me in experiencing the true presence of the Holy Spirit.
Once you start with the steps the first experience is peace, then everything unfolds regarding career, relationships and life in general. I was able to take away doubts, focus and get new ideas regarding my career. This programme also forces you to come out of your comfort zone, and it is done with a gentle approach.
The approach is like the Bible Phrase; ‘My Yoke is easy.’
When going through the steps, everything that is being said “feels like home” / fits like a glove. It’s like you are getting an “AHA moment”. I’ve been to other types of therapist and wasn’t able to get this type of breakthrough.
I was helped to deal with the tragic loss of my life, the loss of my family members … In short, I lost three members of my family in the same year ( 2017) my mom and two siblings. My dad past away in 2016 there was no break in between the illnesses it was one after the other, and it was long and painful sicknesses. I thought it was a dead end for me at that time, and I thought no one could help me to deal with the loss but with the help of Take a Leap Renew Your Mind I was able to deal with that painful moment. The approach was more penetrative, their approach was dealing with the cause rather than the symptoms. Attacking on the roots to get proper healing. It gave me a reason to live again. I thought I had lost all the faith, but the programme taught me to trust in the Lord again. During the whole healing process, I never felt alone, I was able to overcome the fear because of the close support I got. The Support was genuine and constant. I was not nearby regarding location, but it felt like I was nearby.
To sum up,
In my opinion, the programme is about accessing the tools or the keys and opening all the doors in each and every area of your life. I personally think the tools are for a lifetime.
Thank you, Julia Maroga, Secunda, South Africa.”

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Psalm 37:4-6

4  Delight yourself in the LORD, And He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart.

5  Commit your way to the LORD; Trust in Him also and He will do it.

6  He will make your righteousness [your pursuit of right standing with God] like the light,
And your judgment like [the shining of] the noonday [sun].


The Light of God our Father shines through Elsa, in order for the Holy Spirit to show blockages, enable restoration and allow God’s promises to manifest and restore. Isaiah 54 has been prophesied over Elsa in 2017 and combining that with 1 Timothy 4:16, one can only be in anticipation to what God the Father, wants to accomplish through her.


Most of the topics will link to stewardship and how the mind influences our daily walk with God as well as our relationship with Him.

Most of her talks helps to accomplish Ephesians 4 and Philippines 2.

Elsa is very creative in using various practical topics to mesmerize audiences, touch hearts and transform lives.


“Elsa has a vibrant personality and is full of positive energy. She is not scared to call a spade a spade and have the ability to capture her audience and give everybody something to take away and think about. Attending her sessions leave one with a new found energy and will to dig into the future and create the best possible life.”

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