Elsa Cronje Lessons from the clouds

Lessons from the clouds

What do you think of the clouds? I think clouds are extraordinary, magical and magnificent. Have you ever wondered what the power of our Living God could be compared to?I find the clouds to resemble the Living Yahweh with maybe 1%. Yes, I agree, we cannot compare anything to His Power, at all, but I think using the clouds can provide some understanding, so here goes ...
I am Yours

I am Yours

I sing because of my new name You chose me You embrace me You forgave me You washed me with Your Word and saturated me with the Blood of the Lamb
Be me

Be me

Be me Be my eyes, Most High God Be my hands, Merciful Father Be my feet, Almighty Saviour Be my heart, High Tower of Light Be my mind, Bread of Life Be my digestive system, Fountain of Living Water Be my muscles, Stronghold of my Salvation Be…
New Creation Because of YOU

New Creation Because of You

New Creation Because of You On Your shoulders I’m larger than the giants of this world When I’m dancing on Your feet, I move swift like the swallow… ever ready for turns and change of direction When my hand is in Yours, I fear nothing You…
I stay small

i stay small

i stay small The Lord of hosts is my High Tower and my fortress On Him I rely and confidently trust In His peace I find my joy, uplifting and ever awe-filled worship I stay small In His love I find my acceptance The Blood of the Lamb…