Elsa Cronje Lessons from the clouds

What do you think of the clouds? I think clouds are extraordinary, magical and magnificent. Have you ever wondered what the power of our Living God could be compared to?

I find the clouds to resemble the Living Yahweh with maybe 1%. Yes, I agree, we cannot compare anything to His Power, at all, but I think using the clouds can provide some understanding, so here goes …

Elsa Cronje Lessons from the clouds

The 8 Important Lessons we learn from Clouds

1. Different dimensions

When I flew to Johannesburg last week, it seemed like the plane moved from one dimension in the clouds to another. This was beautiful, wonderful and bumpy at the same time. While watching the different forms and shapes, we moved through a blanket that peacefully sat at the top. There was turbulence as we descended through the blanket. What we can learn from this is that we too will go through different stages of our journey with Abba Father. It will be beautiful, wonderful, bumpy and scary. It’s a journey that never stops and scares us, but the secret is to enjoy the scenery and keep your view focused on the fact that Abba Father will complete the good work He started in you.

2. Different Levels

The view from the plane was exquisite. I saw clouds everywhere as far as I could see. It seemed like every cloud has different levels. Just as clouds have different levels, our lives have different levels. We express at different levels, we speak in different levels, we behave at different levels and we love at different levels. This does not mean we love one person more than the other. It simply means we love each person differently. The best revelation is that our Father loves us uniquely, deeply and differently while meeting us on our level. While moving in our journey, it is best to focus on our own level of development and progress than comparing it with others.

3. Magnificent and Movable

The clouds cannot be shaped according to our wishes; they are shaped according to Abba Father’s wishes. When we stop trying to shape our lives according to our wishes, it can be magnificent. How can God make all things work together for our good if we do not let go? We need to allow Abba Father to orchestrate our lives. We need to let go of control. The clouds move as the wind blows. We also should move as the Wind (the breath of God) moves us.

4. Art

Clouds look like a piece of art …
Majestic and impossible to copy perfectly. We too, like everything created, are pieces of art – wonderfully and fearfully made. When an artist creates a second piece of art (trying to copy the first piece), it will never be the same as the first one. Why do you want them to be the same? Isn’t it Interesting how we still try to be someone else, copy others or compare ourselves? Do you not know that it’s physically impossible to have two pieces of art that’s identical? We need to STOP trying to ‘fit in’ because we are born to be a peculiar treasure (Malachi 3:17); a piece of art.

5. Fierce yet soft, flexible and disappearing while displaying explosions

Have you experienced the turbulence when flying through clouds? It feels like driving on a rough 4×4 gravel road. The fact that we hop in our seats and shift from left to right demonstrates the energy and power these clouds hold. They look soft and powerless, but they feel fierce and powerful. It reminds me of prayers. The same power hidden in this white, soft, flexible transparent blanket is displayed when we pray. We do not always see the result of the prayer, but we can feel it or know it in our spirit. We only see one angle of our prayers or of reality, but that doesn’t mean the prayer did not do MIRACULOUS things. When we are below the clouds, we can only see one angle of them, yet it does not mean that is all there are. We need to live our lives focused on the unseen. The bumpy energetic clouds also remind me of the Breath of God, the fact that His Kingdom is upside down and that one can be gentle and be powerful beyond comprehension at the same time. Like Jesus displaying the ultimate meekness on the cross.

6. Light shining through

We sometimes experience our circumstances as dark dull and depressing like a cloud is blocking our sunlight. It is during this time that we should focus on piercing through our circumstances to purposefully call the Light into our circumstances. Yes, things are not easy and it is best always to remember how the sun physically shines through clouds even if we can only see a silver lining. We should rejoice if we receive trials and challenges. Why? Because it means our Father wants to perfect us in His image – we undergo a purifying process. When a cloud surrounds you, it is important to use the Word of God as a Lamp to your feet; moving ONE STEP AT A TIME and CALLING His presence into your situation.

7. Clouds rumbling over the mountains

There is nothing as beautiful as clouds covering Table Mountain and then running over it like a volcano. This reminds of Mark 11:23 were Jesus said: “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted and thrown into the sea!’ and does not doubt in his heart [in God’s unlimited power], but believes that what he says is going to take place, it will be done for him [in accordance with God’s will].” God, our Father, is stronger than the mountain in our lives and as explained in the footnote of this verse, our confidence with abiding faith combined with God’s power can produce amazing results. When our request is in harmony with God’s will, He is fully capable of doing what we regard as impossible.

8. Rain pouring down

Clouds bring forth rain, and the sound of it soothes my spirit and my soul. Why? Like it says in Song of Songs 12:11 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is like the rain and it prepares us, the Bride of Christ, to move out with our Bridegroom.
“The season has changed,
the bondage of your barren winter has ended,
and the season of hiding is over and gone.
The rains have soaked the earth.”

May the rain always remind you of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on you.

Elsa Cronje Lessons from the clouds