Monthly Devotionals

Elsa Cronje Lessons from the clouds

What do you think of the clouds? I think clouds are extraordinary, magical and magnificent. Have you ever wondered what the power of our Living God could be compared to?I find the clouds to resemble the Living Yahweh with maybe 1%. Yes, I agree, we cannot compare anything to His Power, at all, but I think using the clouds can provide some understanding, so here goes …

I am Yours

I am Yours

I sing because of my new name
You chose me
You embrace me
You forgave me
You washed me with Your Word and saturated me with the Blood of the Lamb

I am the clay, You are the Potter
I am the branch, You are the Vine
I am the flower, You are the Gardener
I am the sheep, You are the Shepherd
I am Your child and You are my Father

Turn me into the Palm Tree 🌴
long-lived, stately, upright, useful, and fruitful
Make me grow like a cedar in Lebanon
majestic, stable, durable, and incorruptible
Crown me with Your version of Deborah
Form me anew
For Your purpose and Kingdom
I am willing
I am Yours

Be me

Be me

Be my eyes, Most High God
Be my hands, Merciful Father
Be my feet, Almighty Saviour
Be my heart, High Tower of Light
Be my mind, Bread of Life
Be my digestive system, Fountain of Living Water
Be my muscles, Stronghold of my Salvation
Be the moist in my bones, God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac
Be the blood in my veins, Lamb of God
Be the rejuvenation in my cells, Star Breather
Be the beauty glow in my skin, Lord my Shepherd
Be my ears, Horn of Salvation
Be my cover, God my Shield
Be me, Yehovah Yireh

New Creation Because of YOU

New Creation Because of You

On Your shoulders I’m larger than the giants of this world
When I’m dancing on Your feet, I move swift like the swallow…
ever ready for turns and change of direction
When my hand is in Yours, I fear nothing
You are my Shield, to cover protect and comfort
When I’m in Your arms, my heart is transformed restored renewed
When You twirl me I am Free
My soul ignited with Your Holy Vibration elevating me closer to You
When You carry me,
I find refuge under the shadow of the Almighty, my view is lifted
When I bring my ear to Your mouth, You reveal Your Kingdom’s secrets
When I allow You to touch my eyes, I see the peculiar treasure of all Your different designs
When You burn my tongue with Your Holy Coal, my words are sprinkled with salt and light
When You circumcise my heart, it enhances into Your secret dwelling place… it beats with Holy Dancing Fire purifying every single chamber, cell, muscle, and neuro-transmitter
When I exchange my hands for Yours, they turn into a life-giving water stream… Aiding those sent to me
When I give You my mind, You renew, restore and redeem
New Creation, am I, abiding in You and You abiding in me.
I want to praise You, love You, worship You with me knees, tongue, heart, soul and spirit!

Written by Deborah


I stay small

i stay small

The Lord of hosts is my High Tower and my fortress
On Him I rely and confidently trust
In His peace I find my joy, uplifting and ever awe-filled worship
I stay small

In His love I find my acceptance
The Blood of the Lamb give me the position of Right-standing with God
In Him, the Rock, I find my righteousness

In Him, my shield, I find my protection
In Him, the Light, darkness disappear and I am free
I stay small

What can man to do me?
Under His wings, I find refuge
Where no weapon formed against me shall prosper

You, my King, fight for me
Like You did for my brothers in Egypt before their very eyes.
You, my Shepherd, prepare a table for me
You gave up Your life for me
I am Yours and You are mine
I stay small

The God of Jacob, Abraham and Isaac
Miraculous wonders at Your fingertips
Restoration in Your breath
Rejuvenation in Your touch
So invested in me
Your Peculiar Treasure
I stay small

Written by Deborah