New Creation Because of YOU

New Creation Because of You

On Your shoulders I’m larger than the giants of this world
When I’m dancing on Your feet, I move swift like the swallow…
ever ready for turns and change of direction
When my hand is in Yours, I fear nothing
You are my Shield, to cover protect and comfort
When I’m in Your arms, my heart is transformed restored renewed
When You twirl me I am Free
My soul ignited with Your Holy Vibration elevating me closer to You
When You carry me,
I find refuge under the shadow of the Almighty, my view is lifted
When I bring my ear to Your mouth, You reveal Your Kingdom’s secrets
When I allow You to touch my eyes, I see the peculiar treasure of all Your different designs
When You burn my tongue with Your Holy Coal, my words are sprinkled with salt and light
When You circumcise my heart, it enhances into Your secret dwelling place… it beats with Holy Dancing Fire purifying every single chamber, cell, muscle, and neuro-transmitter
When I exchange my hands for Yours, they turn into a life-giving water stream… Aiding those sent to me
When I give You my mind, You renew, restore and redeem
New Creation, am I, abiding in You and You abiding in me.
I want to praise You, love You, worship You with me knees, tongue, heart, soul and spirit!

Written by Deborah