Devotionals in General

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After receiving the Wednesday Whispers message of last week, Ask and you shall receive, I discovered how I don’t RECEIVE everything I ask for. I praise Abba for bringing this to my attention, helping me to solve it and share it with you, because it just proves how much He truly cares about us.

New Wine - Elsa Cronje journal

The New Wine journal is not only a beautiful coffee table book. Exuberant messages are written as letters to a daughter; it grasps your attention and brings hope. Elsa Cronje, a registered and qualified transformation coach, brings the reader in close contact with not only the Holy Spirit but with God and his love for us.

Are you willing to drink the cup destined for you? - Take a Leap Coaching

Abba asked me if I am willing to be a Job or not. Will I be okay to experience the turmoil Job experienced? Am I willing to be refined by fire some more?
I answered with a soft-fear-of-the-Lord “yes”, though I know being refined is tough, challenging and sometimes painful.

True Love - Take a Leap Coaching

Our unconscious minds (in its desperation to help us recover from attachment wounds) adapt to certain connection strategies. Thus, we have a “comfortable” way we connect with others and we feel safe and in control. The interesting thing about praying and asking Abba Father to experience more…