Lockdown & Christian Entrepreneurs

Lockdown - Christian Entrepreneurs

I would like to share this with you to encourage you and bring clarity while you are inside this cocoon.

Why a cocoon?

You are currently forced to change your thinking, behaviour, daily life and most of the things in your life because of this lockdown. Just like a caterpillar being inside that cocoon, it undergoes immense changes to become something completely different.

Is it nice? Not necessarily, it’s dark, depressing and sometimes hurtful to change. The reward of becoming a butterfly is only visible long after you are flying. Take heart, dear one, He is busy transforming you.

As I was taking a shower and received a brainwave for a new online course, I found myself being a little discouraged — “how would I know if it is going to be successful?” Then, it hit me … Our definition of success is holding us captive!

Two definitions relating to success were brought to my attention.

Firstly, money.

If our definition of success is based on money, then we are in trouble.

Why do I say we are in trouble? Our minds will chase something that does not exist, it will start to build our VALUE around money. Money will soon, unconsciously, become an obsession — always leaving us to feel we do not have enough. Inevitable leaving us to feel that we are unsuccessful and unworthy.


Firstly, money is an energy that moves; it cannot have one measure forever. Today it’s worth much and tomorrow it’s worth nothing. Secondly, we cannot control it. Yes, we can manage it, but we cannot control it. Thirdly, your unconscious mind is unable to reach a point of satisfaction — it’s like a bottomless pit. Thus, when will enough money be enough to meet your satisfaction?

If your definition of success is about how much money you have, then how will you reach success if a constant measurement does not exist, and how will you feel successful if the point of satisfaction is not something that you can feel?
Don’t be obsessed with money but live content with what you have, for you always have God’s presence. For hasn’t he promised you, “I will never leave you alone, never! And I will not loosen my grip on your life!” So we can say with great confidence: “I know the Lord is for me and I will never be afraid of what people may do to me!” (Hebrews 13:5-6 TPT)

We can influence our satisfaction with our conscious minds in choosing to be grateful for what we have. This is the key to teaching our unconscious minds to be content and experience satisfaction in the moment. Yet again, if our success is dependent on the amount of money we have, then we will never have enough and long for success and feel miserable.

This revelation made me think further about success and what it really means to me. The Holy Spirit answered me so gracefully: “Every single course you have ever written, has achieved exactly what it was written for.” That is a higher achievement than what ANY amount of money can buy. Why? It brings fulfilment, courage, satisfaction, and reward in my inner being.

Oh, and make no mistake, I would not have been able to write ANYTHING if it were not for Abba Father and His Spirit teaching me all the way. He uses the words and make them do for others what HE intended them to do.

As I am writing this, I can feel there will be some feeling confused by this in terms of “should success not be about money at all?” or “should we do everything for free?” Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and answer these VERY significant questions because I believe it will be different for everyone. Only He knows what it should be for you.

The second definition brought to my attention was: what is a successful Christian?

During this lockdown period, I’ve been having flashbacks from my teenage years. I remember my mother asking me whether I would want to be a missionary. Even then I was thinking, “In concept yes, but no, I do not want to be a missionary.” When I asked Abba why He brought this memory into my conscious mind, the answer was quite mind-blowing. “Most of My children believe they have to do significant things to belong to me or do miracles to make Me love them more.”

How many times have you caught yourself wanting to prove you love Him, or protect His image, or save someone else? How many times have you felt guilty for not doing enough things for Him or not living your life the way you think you ought to or how you interpret the Bible says you ought to live? How many times have you compared yourself or your life to someone you consider to be more of a “Godly” person than you?

Nothing we EVER do can make Him love us more or love us less. If what we do CAN make Him love us less, then His Son, Jesus, did not have to pay with His life. If we need to do more to prove that we love Him, then His love is calculated through our doing. Then again, it would mean that Jesus came for nothing. If we compare ourselves to others, then we measure our relationship with Abba Father based on what someone else does. How dangerous is that?

What does it mean then, to be a successful Christian? For me, it is in the little things, not the big things. The Kingdom of God is upside down, so for me it means: be content where you are now, obey Him every step of the way IN THE MOMENT. Therefore, STOP CALCULATING, accept every circumstance as a growing process and live in the moment.

I challenge you to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what a successful Christian is for YOU!

So how is this message supposed to encourage you and bring clarity?

The fleshly part of our minds are extremely lazy, want to stay in a comfort zone and always look for the easiest way out. It is only when we are uncomfortable or facing trials and tribulations that we are forced to discipline our minds. We see trials and tribulations as punishment, but it’s actually the ONLY way our minds will move forward.

“It may look as if the situation is creating the suffering, but ultimately this is not so — your resistance is.”Eckhart Tolle

You find yourself in uncertain times and the encouragement is JUST THAT. Certainty means comfort zone. Uncertainty means ENDLESS POSSIBILITY without your mind interfering.

What do you want? Same old, same old or do you want Abba Father to do a NEW thing?
NEW comes out of uncertainty; NOT certainty.

During this lockdown, I bet your definition of success is being challenged on levels you never thought possible, and that’s okay. Without your definition being challenged, you will NEVER EVER move to another level, higher level or new level in your business, or your life. Without your definition of success being challenged, you will also maybe not have thought about what your definition is. How can you allow Jesus to change something if you do not know it exists?