Celebrate Yourself – Taste Your Life


Influence the way you would ‘taste’ emotions and life decisions for 2019!
Come and enjoy an elevating atmosphere with handpicked exhibitions not otherwise easily accessible along with an outstanding practical and uplifting motivational experience by Elsa Cronje and Leonie Pretorius.
This event is unique to allow you to actually physically taste the different emotions in your life and discover what Abba Father would like to say to you.
It aims to bring a different perspective to the way you’ve experienced 2018 and will experience 2019.

Taste the five elements in your life

  • Salt

    Purpose and Direction (Matthew 5:13)

  • Sour

    Unforgiveness (Hebrews 12:15)

  • Bitter

    Bitterness (Ephesians 4:31-32)

  • Sweet

    Revelation and wisdom (Psalm 19:8-10)

  • Chilli

    Purifying process (Zachariah 1:39)

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Your ticket includes

• Tote Shopping Bag,
• Food,
• Glass for your choice of beverage,
• Tasting Kit,
• Tasting experience and,
• Renewed mindset for 2019,
• Gifts, snacks, treats, drinks, and decor for sale at the exhibitors stands.
• Launch of Deborah Lev – Honey for Your Soul

Kids ages 3-10 entertainment available at R 50 per kid. (Does not include food or drinks)  Booking is essential!

Kids entertainment is done by “Moov to Move” from 13:00 – 15:00
Click here to visit their Facebook page.
Please add amount per child with your ticket purchase.
For questions phone Mignon Cell: 060 903 3935

.Celebrate Your Life-Take a Leap Coaching



Celebrate Yourself – Taste Your Life Program:  

  • 10.30: Arrival
  • 10:30 – 13:30: Exploring exhibitions and enjoying the tapas style snack box and purchased drink as well as the view.
  • 13:30 – 13:40: Welcoming and introductions
  • 13:40 – 15:00: Tasting experience with Elsa Cronje and Leonie Pretorius at the Amphitheatre overlooking Jongensfontein Beach.
  • 15:00 – 16:00: Exploring exhibitions and buying nibbles to take home.


Bring along:
– Hat and sunscreen
– Coolbox for all the delicious snacks you buy that need to stay cool.

Remember these purchases for your kid’s entertainment:

  • a Kids entertainment ticket (Moov to Move)
  • a Snack pack (Tinktinkie)