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There is no Limit

I never realised the precious and valuable lessons it holds until the Holy Spirit instructed me to instruct one of my coaching clients to watch it. Because I am so curious by nature, I ended up watching Kungfu Panda again to see how the Holy Spirit is going to serve this client through this movie.

Remove the Fig Leaves

I am of the opinion that the first negative emotion felt in the Bible was shame – when Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves as they were ashamed of their nakedness. Interesting what the fruit of shame (for them) was to run away, hide, and solve things by themselves.

True Love

Our unconscious minds (in its desperation to help us recover from attachment wounds) adapt to certain connection strategies. Thus, we have a “comfortable” way we connect with others and we feel safe and in control. The interesting thing about praying and asking Abba Father to experience more…

Rejected or Set Apart?

Rejected or Set Apart? Elsa Cronje, Transformation Coach from Take A Leap Coaching, shares how our definitions lead to rejection. Rejection is one of the most common things that Yahweh’s children need to overcome.

A Journey of Inner Healing

Being a victim of toxic shame for 34 years is not a joke and certainly not a walk in the park either. It is after a yearlong personal overcoming journey with the Holy Spirit that I am free from shame. Was it easy? Was it fun? Certainly not, it was one of the most difficult and challenging things